There's a l0t 0f paths in life,
We have t0 be wise in selecting our path.
S0metimes, we ch0ose the wr0ng path.
But there's chances t0 c0rrect the wr0ng path,
Just wisd0m is needed,
And n0t t0 give up in life.
In life,
S0meyimes we're 0n the t0p,
S0metimes we're 0n the b0tt0m,
It's the rule 0f life,
There's n0 0ther way t0 escape life,
N0 matter h0w,
We have t0 face life,
And make our self impenetrable with 0bstacles in life.
Life could be full of happiness,
Life als0 c0uld be full 0f tears,
Laughter's may cheer our life with happiness,
Enj0y y0ur life as it can make y0ur life happier,
Fill y0ur life with j0y,
And d0 appreciate y0ur life,
Y0ur life c0uld be meaningless if y0u d0 not appreciate y0ur life...


besday mak

da lame sgt aq x create lam bl0g nie..windu lak rasenye..hehe.agpn sepnjg aq x 0n page nie,byk kenangan2 yg still tersemat lam fikiran aq..mcm2 kerenah yg aq na t0nj0lkan lam bl0g kali nie..diksempatan nie gak,aq na wish hapy besday 2 my m0m..

hapy besday 2 y0u..
hapy besday 2 mak..
hapy besday 2 you..

allah selamatkan kamu..
allah selamatkan mak..
allah selamatkan mak tersayang..
allah selamat kan kamu...

kat sni gak aq na ucapkan sem0ga mak dipanjangkn um0 n dimurajkan rezeki selalau..i luv u mam..h0pe may g0d bless u n h0pe u hapy always...